Buses, Bathrooms, Mirrors, Me.

For some years now I’ve been making trips by bus across parts of Canada.


I have made a multimedia piece about my experience on my most recent long bus trip: Vancouver to Toronto.

Here it is:

(audio-visual format)

David Parsons Photography


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Beyond talking about my bus trips, it’s also about taking pictures of myself in mirrors in bathrooms.
David Parsons: Self Portrait, Indira Gandhi International Airport, 2003
David Parsons: Self Portrait, 2003, Indira Gandhi International Airport( DEL), Delhi, India

My first substantial trip was from Toronto, Ontario to Whitehorse, Yukon in 2002. (This remains my longest in Canada-by land-trip to date, at approximately 86 hours.) The bus makes some stops between Toronto and Whitehorse. For instance:

  1. Wawa, Ontario
  2. White River, Ontario
  3. Wabigoon, Ontario
  4. West Hawk Lake Junction, Manitoba
  5. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  6. Wapella Junction East, Saskatchewan
  7. Whitewood, Saskatchewan
  8. Wolsely Junction East, Saskatchewan
  9. Waldeck Junction, Saskatchewan
  10. Webb Juntion, Saskatchewan
  11. Walsh Junction, Alberta
  12. Whitecourt, Alberta
  13. Wonowon, BC
  14. Watson Lake, Yukon
  15. and, naturally,

  16. Whitehorse, Yukon

My initial trip was followed later that month by 38 hours en route from Whitehorse to Chilliwack via:

  1. Morley River, Yukon
  2. Smart River, BC
  3. Swift River, Yukon
  4. Coal River, BC
  5. Liard River, BC
  6. Toad River Lodge, BC
  7. Prophet River, BC
  8. Buckinghorse River, BC
  9. Salmon River, BC


  1. Iron Creek, Yukon
  2. Contact Creek, Yukon
  3. Dawson Creek, BC
  4. Commotion Creek. BC
  5. Cache Creek, BC

as well as:

  1. Watson Lake, Yukon
  2. Muncho Lake, BC
  3. Summit Lake, BC
  4. Azouzetta Lake, BC
  5. McLeod Lake Lodge, BC
  6. Bear Lake, BC
  7. McLeese Lake, BC
  8. Williams Lake, BC
  9. Lac La Hache, BC

Mountains from the bus window.

Recent Vancouver-Toronto trip statistics:
60 hours;
Abbotsford, Banff, Calgary, Dryden, Ernfold, Falcon Lake, Golden, Hope, Indian Head, junction after junction, Kamloops, Lake Louise, Medicine Hat, Nipigon, Oak Lake Junction West, Portage la Prarie, Qu Appelle Junction, Regina, Sicamous, Thunder Bay, Upsala, Virden, Winnipeg, Yorkdale.

4 Responses to “Buses, Bathrooms, Mirrors, Me.”

  1. Ashley in Victoria Says:

    Hi! We were laughing about your paint-handprint maddness last year the other day in Tony’s class. I still regret not having my camera on me that day! This is my first visit to your blog and it is dynamic, just like you my friend.
    Absolutely beautiful photography.
    hug, Ash

  2. david Says:

    Glad you like the pictures, Ashley. I hope it’s all going well with your classes and that you’re enjoying the second year.

    Send me a picture sometime,

  3. nina Says:

    ooh i like this one too. and you know, 3 days ain’t even that much! i was thinking about walking next time. then you would really feel the vastness of this place.

  4. Kirk Klein Says:

    You are on a very interesting journey Mr. David. Thanks for sharing. Buses and bathroom mirrors on foreign lands will be a great addition to this work

    I have bussed and driven across a good part of Canada several times now and each time I am awestruck by the beauty and geographical diversity this country has to offer the willing eye.

    As with Nina, I think walking would be a good idea.

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