Five Friends (+one).

I had dinner with friends at my new house last night. After dinner but before our After-Dinner Walk, I took these pre-walk photos.

Michael was about to (and now has) Book his Face online at the increasingly popular “social utility” site, but was held back by the lack of a photograph of himself in a digital format with which to represent himself. Ever promoting the endless wasting devoting of time to online socializing, I offered to help provide him with just such a photograph.

It was this photograph of Michael which led to the following photographs of




and Rob:

Whether it was upon seeing these photographs Booked to the Faces of Lena, Michael and Rob, or whether I had made the realization before, I now forget, but eventually I realized that Michael and company were not the first to have portraits I had made of them appear with their online social-utility profiles.

The nefarious David Ball (better known, of course, as David P. Ball) uses just such a portrait (i.e. one made by yours truly) on his writing, journalism and photography site.

That portrait looks basically like this:

n.b. P-Ball: you should replace your copy of the image with the above copy of the image in the interest of sharpness. For a direct comparison, check it. In the interest of being not any more competitive, than I already have been, old friend, I’ve not included the comparison right on this page, but I’ve made enough of a deal of it, that it’s sure to attract a few viewers. Any comments appreciated.

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  1. Peaball Says:

    You dog dp, before and after. I feel like I am the subject of some kind of weight-loss advert. Before and after my ass. versus indeed. We’ll see who wins.

    Okay your site is better. But not for long. Mwahaha. Not for long.

    (Okay, it may be better for a little while to come)

    I will consider replacing the photo. Consider it considered.

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