I’ve been playing a little with stop-motion films lately: making some tests; experimenting with the results on the computer… this will be the first I have published here.

David Parsons Photography


There has been an error loading this quicktime multimedia file.

Higher quality version available here.

Did I help Jen and Donné paint their new room in Little Italy? you may ask. If by ‘help’ you mean photograph the ordeal and later publish those photos to the web then: yes. Yes I did help. I helped very much.

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  1. Joel Dufresne Says:

    so helpful you are David, that’s what I like about you haha. Sick vid, do you have quicktime pro? Cause you can just put together sequences in that, like specify a folder and choose the quality, how many fps, and it’ll do it automatically. I remember we were tryin to do that in imageready for that sequence of u putting up ur photos at the CAC for our show. Anyway good work, keep it up.

  2. Muk Peston Says:

    Looks like they really didn’t need much help since it took them only 15 seconds! Great video….I love stop motion!

  3. david Says:


    I am using Photoshop to create the animations, importing the files to a stack, then using the animation pane to set FPS, and exporting to .mov file. It works much better than what we were trying to do (whatever the heck that was).

  4. Anonymous Says:


    Love the video!! Don’t understand any of the technical stuff!! - but I might be able to take a bathroom mirror pic!!!

    Thanks for sharing,
    aunt B

  5. nina Says:

    LOVE it.
    sooo much.
    miss you all in the dot.
    brilliant. maybe i will figure out how to make a brilliant one of me studying.
    you have THAT to look forward to one day.
    keep it up. i want to see more!

  6. Ryan MacDonald Says:

    So awesome! I’m sure this was alot easier to photograph than the documentation of sticking 300+ single photos up on a wall. I remember it all too well!! This type of project has so much potential, I know you see it since you’re already doing it.
    Again you’ve wowed me!

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