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Nikonos II

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

A new camera has entered my photo-scene, and I am diving right in.

Nikonos II Underwater

The underwater results (at Harbourfront in Lake Ontario) have been… interesting.

Nikonos II Underwater

Technically, one might argue that the photos are entirely incomprehensible, but I would point out that technically the exposure has been quite exemplary.

Nikonos II Underwater

My Nikonos doesn’t have an internal light meter, and in lieu of the waterproof external light meter I don’t have, I’ve been using my own personal, built-in, waterproof, eyeballs (in conjunction with some educated guesswork). Granted: I was using chromogenic black and white neg film, and my latitude was huge, but I think my choices of exposure have, in fact, been rather decent.

My next plan is colour slide film.

Let’s see what colour the lake is under there, and let’s see what kind of precise intuition all that photo school has instilled in me where light metering is concerned.

(Please excuse all the dust on these contact scans.)