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Eddie Adams Workshop.

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Clouds (Ellis Hanslmaier in Calicoon Centre)

Well the workshop ended a little while ago, and I am back in Toronto, mostly recuperated. I spent some time in New York City immediately after the workshop finished; it was my first trip to “The City” (or as I have been instructed: “THE CITY”).

Nice city.

As was to be expected, the workshop was fantastic; a group of incredible photographers from across the United States (and a few internationals) including some of the best of the best, and many of those who aspire to be just that.

The four days were packed full of presentations by photographers, two half-days on-assignment, and portfolio reviews by editors and photographers from all around. Perhaps the only thing the days (and more importantly nights) were not full of was sleep. I figure I got about 9 hours over the first three nights, and none on the fourth. I would say this was just around the average for many participants.

I was a member of Team Purple along with 9 other fine students:

  • Myriam Abdelaziz
  • Mark J. Davis
  • Thomas Fredberg
  • Justin L. Fowler
  • Peter Grigsby
  • Huong Nguyen
  • Emily Rasinski
  • Dustin Stefansic
  • Brian Valentin

Team Leader: Maggie Steber
Team Editor: Chris Stanfield
Team Producer: Ryan Schick
Tech. Assistant: Jamie Bowman
Multimedia Specialist: Diane Cook
Assistant (to the) Regional Manager: Robert Caplin

Our team assignments centered on Calicoon Centre, New York (a small town near Jeffersonville, the site of the workshop). Each team member photographed different subject matter, and our work was presented together in a group slide show on the Monday evening.

My subject was a dairy farmer named Ellis Hanslmaier.

Ellis Hanslmaier

Hay (Ellis in the barn)

Cat (Milk bucket)

My work on this photo essay helped win me an assignment (TBA) with the Denver Post! (A big thank you to Ryan, Chris, Maggie et al. for vouching for me, and to Tim Rasmussen from the newspaper.)

Hay no. 2 (Tree with autumn colours)

Silo (Aerial view of the farm)

Water (The cows are thirsty)

"I love the cow in the shit" - Maggie Steber

Hose (Washing the milk buckets)

Wood Splitting

There we are. All caught up from New York just in time for new stories and pictures from Toronto. But that will have to wait for another night.



To sleep.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

As has been the case this extended weekend, my eyelids feel heavy.

As has also been the case, I am awake in spite of this.

As has not been the case, however, I will go to sleep before 03:45 and wake up after 07:00.

What an amazing group of staff, students, volunteers at the Eddie Adams Workshop this weekend. Truly an inspirational time among fantastic and talented people. I have been running almost non-stop since Friday, and I plan to sleep well tonight. There will be time tomorrow and other days for stories of picture assignments, connections made, awards won.

Bonne Nuit a tout Le Gang.