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Five Friends (+one).

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

I had dinner with friends at my new house last night. After dinner but before our After-Dinner Walk, I took these pre-walk photos.

Michael was about to (and now has) Book his Face online at the increasingly popular “social utility” site, but was held back by the lack of a photograph of himself in a digital format with which to represent himself. Ever promoting the endless wasting devoting of time to online socializing, I offered to help provide him with just such a photograph.

It was this photograph of Michael which led to the following photographs of




and Rob:

Whether it was upon seeing these photographs Booked to the Faces of Lena, Michael and Rob, or whether I had made the realization before, I now forget, but eventually I realized that Michael and company were not the first to have portraits I had made of them appear with their online social-utility profiles.

The nefarious David Ball (better known, of course, as David P. Ball) uses just such a portrait (i.e. one made by yours truly) on his writing, journalism and photography site.

That portrait looks basically like this:

n.b. P-Ball: you should replace your copy of the image with the above copy of the image in the interest of sharpness. For a direct comparison, check it. In the interest of being not any more competitive, than I already have been, old friend, I’ve not included the comparison right on this page, but I’ve made enough of a deal of it, that it’s sure to attract a few viewers. Any comments appreciated.